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Take 5 Solutions Take 5 Solutions has developed comprehensive Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization platforms to enable you to drive more customers to your mobile and desktop websites and to generate optimal ROI through amplified conversions.

Our platforms comprise:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
We create and promote active social environments on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other well-known social networking websites, catering to the specifics of your website. Our state-of-the art proprietary analytics tool allows you to track and quantify all traffic generated to your site.

We work with known blogger networks to create syndication of articles and reviews, effectively building new opportunities and exposure for your web property.

Custom Apps
We create social media “apps” to facilitate signups directly from the Facebook fan page and collect vital information. Take 5 analyzes the data to learn more about the sign-ups and then directly markets to them via email, social and pay-per-click marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We assist our clientele by building a relevant network of quantity and quality backlinks to both onsite and offsite content, optimized to drive organic search results and traffic to the web site.

Through the use of manual techniques, Take 5 manages the following components of each SEO campaign:

Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Through the use of targeted keyword and search-phrase research, we can create a series of advertisements which may be viewed on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo and other networks.

With the use of long tail search phrases, Take 5 can drastically increase click relevancy and reduce the pay-per-click cost. Conversions can be tracked by keyword, landing page, ad/group channel and date and time.

Data Feed Management
Outsmart your competitors on comparison shopping engines through the use of Take 5's proprietary SEO algorithms and social platform automation tools. This completely web-based platform will drive more qualified traffic to increase your sales. Other features of this high-performance program include:

Multi-Channel Solutions