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Take 5 Solutions Since 2003, Take 5 Solutions has been a leading national compiler of consumer hand-raiser contact information including postal and email addresses, phone numbers and social media preferences. Through our proprietary compilation methods, innovative delivery platforms and state of the art processing techniques, we are able to serve the advertising world with the most up-to-date list and marketing solutions.

In recent independent industry testing by major credit and service bureaus, our data ranked the highest in accuracy and relevance. Our data breadth and quality, combined with a passion for customer service are unparalleled in the industry.

Backed up by a matching offsite, powerful database of 260MM+ consumer postal records, 14MM+ B2B postal records, 212MM+ permission-based emails, 8MM+ B2B email records, 196MM+ telephone numbers including 41MM+ cell phone numbers, 155MM+ landlines and 20.5MM+ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers, Take 5 offers innovative solutions for its clients' customer retention and acquisition needs in today's highly-competitive market. Our email database is completely 100% double opt-in, and generated through product and warranty registrations, online lifestyle surveys, cell phone downloads, online and offline sweepstakes, and daily opt-ins. Whenever possible, data is further surveyed to obtain additional lifestyle information and confirm opt-in intent.

Take 5's multi-channel marketing solutions comprise:
  • Direct-Mail List Rentals:Take 5's proprietary demographic and lifestyles database allows us to build exciting, historical and future consumer spending behavior overlays into our list rental offerings.
  • Email List Rentals: Take 5's continuous success results from a combination of strong deliverability and meticulous data hygiene.
  • Mobile Marketing: With the dynamic shift of media moving towards mobile, Take 5 Solutions has positioned its services to transition traditional and digital media to the ever-expanding world of mobile.
  • Social Media Marketing/SEM: Take 5 Solutions has developed comprehensive Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization platforms to drive more customers to client mobile and desktop websites and to generate optimal ROI through amplified conversions.
  • Data Solutions: Using the most comprehensive matching consumer database available, Take 5's clients are able to gain additional market intelligence on their consumers and increase their ROI.

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