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In Memoriam

  Heidi Mittica
Take 5 Solutions
Heidi Mittica Memorial Statement

Another year has passed and on Thursday, January 24th, 2014 we remembered the second anniversary of the untimely passing of Heidi Mittica, a long-time employee, friend and mentor to all at Take 5 Solutions.

“There are some we meet in passing
and forget as soon as they go.
There are some we remember with pleasure
and feel honored and privileged to know.
You were that kind of person Heidi
who leaves beautiful memories behind
and there will be many days yet to come
which will bring fond memories to mind”.

The “The Heidi Mittica Memorial Fund” is managed by the Wells Fargo Bank in Boca Raton, FL. Please contact Sandra Fagan at sandra.fagan1@wellsfargo.com should you wish to make a contribution. If it is more convenient, you may also donate directly to the fund through Take 5 Solutions. Please contact Beth Meyer, CFO, at 866-861-8862.