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  Consumer Acquisition & Consumer Retention
Take 5 Solutions Whether focused on consumer acquisition or consumer retention, Take 5 data solutions are specifically designed to help you achieve your ROI.

Email Appending:

Looking for a new and effective channel to reach your customers? Match and append your in-house files with email addresses from Take 5's 204MM double opt-in email database and increase your response rates. Matching can be done using customer postal addresses, cell phones or landlines, either on household or individual level.

Phone Appending:

Do you want to improve your telemarketing efforts by appending telephone numbers to your prospect database? Take 5's 155 million landline and 41 million cell phone numbers can give you that extra lift. All Take 5's phone numbers are scrubbed against the National Do Not Call list for maximum accuracy and compliance. Take 5 has the highest cell phone appending match rates in the industry, ranging from 27 - 33%.

Reverse Appending:

  • Reverse Email Appending:
Do you only have email addresses in your in-house files? Let Take 5 append first and last names, postal addresses, phone numbers, demographic and lifestyle attributes to help you to focus on highly-targeted marketing strategies.

  • Reverse Phone Appending:
Want names and addresses appended to your database of phone numbers? Take 5 can match your in-house database to the more than 200 million landline, cell phone and VoIP phone numbers in our consumer files, providing all names and addresses associated with those phone numbers. Our match rates are the highest in the industry.

Data Enhancement:

Don't let the flatness of your database prevent you from knowing your consumers. Enrich your database with Age, Income, Gender, Education, Household information, Presence of Children, Ethnicity, Presence of Credit Cards, Marital Status, Phone, Email, Cell Phone Number and Homeowner Status (Own/Rent, Single Family or Multi-Family residences. Take 5's data is further enhanced with more than 275 unique demographic and lifestyle overlays. Our proprietary database allows us to build exciting historical and future consumer spending-behavior overlays into your database helping you gain additional intelligence about your consumers.

Verification and Validation:

Do you think that your consumer database may be outdated and/or are uncertain about its quality?

Let Take 5 verify and validate your existing phone, email and postal information as well as any demographic or lifestyle data points. We can help separate and identify cell phone numbers from landlines, supply full wireless carrier information and provide confidence ratings.

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